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Written by Vittoria Marolo

I could say that I’ve always wanted to try pole dance, or that I have been inspired by some famous pole dancer I’ve seen on Instagram or something like that, the thing is: I haven’t. I am not one of those girls who jumped into classical dancing at the age of 5 and then did it for the next 15 years, I have always hated sports, always been a couch potato and been bullied for that when I was a kid. I don’t like running, jumping, playing with a ball or in a team so I’d say sports are not really my thing, even if I tried so many because I have always had issues about my body. Pole dancing came to me in the most random way possible, I wanted to try boogie woogie so I went to the school with a couple of friends to find out that course was full, “but if you want there are still some free spots in pole dance”, and so my journey began. I am a really emotional person, I always change my mind, always change what I like, what I eat, what I listen to, everything because I get bored so easily. I was stuck in a university I didn’t like because it was the only one my father wanted me to do and would then pay for, surrounded by people who were so convinced of what they were doing and I felt so lonely and inadequate. The lack of something to be passioned about was bringing me so down and pole dance really filled that void. Now I know that despite all of my changes of mind this will always be my standing point.


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