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Written by Amy Rosvally (the Pole Comedian)

I don’t share everything on Instagram. My life behind the scenes is a much more a mundane picture than the plucky-go-lucky person most people see when they flip through my photos on Instagram. What most people don’t understand is that for every light, there is dark. Often times, the seemingly happiest of people use that glow as a mask for the internal struggles that are happening in their day to day. I am no different.

I go by the stage name “The Pole Comedian” and I feel like I’ve earned that title; I love making people laugh and bringing something different to the stage when I perform. I’ve worked my butt off for the last 5 years to put together fun, frothy routines with the hope that they are not only memorable but bring joy to anyone who watches. I have a background in Theatre; I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BA in Theatre from Hunter College in 2012. Prior to pole, I wanted to become a famous actor. I loved being on stage and wearing costumes. But most of all, I loved the creation process behind making something special. I worked for many years at the New York Renaissance Faire and found success there as a performer, stage combatant, and whip cracker. I was the first ever Fairy Princess at the faire; a role which has now blossomed into an incredible troupe of talented artists who recreate the magic every year. Regardless of my performance career, I’ve always struggled with body image. Behind every smile and saucy crack of my whip was an insecure girl who hated herself.

When I first started pole dancing in 2013, I was very much so that girl; competitive, insecure, angry, wanting to feel special. I had a lot of anxiety and suffered from imposter syndrome (issues that still sneak up and haunt me from time to time today). When I would go to class, I remember trying to be super nice to everyone but also secretly thinking “uh, I’m so much better than that, look at how great I am….right?” It’s terrible thinking back on it now but I think having had this type of mindset previously has only made me understand my students (and people in general) even more.

Being surrounded by so many strong and empowered women, it didn’t take long for their influence to “rub off” on me. I began to see that other people’s success was not my failure. Slowly, my competitive nature started to seep away, I began loving my beautiful body, seeing the strength I had inside. In particular, my best friend, Brie Suldo of Dandelion Pole & Fitness was a HUGE influence on me. I love her for that and could never thank her enough for the power she has given me. She taught me not everyone is worthy of my friendship but to trust in the relationships I do build; only let in people you can trust. She taught me to love myself.

I still have my days where waves on anxiety overflow in my mind but those days are much more few and far between.

I’m also lucky enough to have the support of a very loving partner and family that helps when I do need reassurance. I know not everyone has these things; this is why “The Pole Comedian” is so important to me. She allows me to be the person I needed when I was at my worst. I feel the best way for me to do that is to show strength, be positive, and create laughter one silly dance number at a time. I hope I can do that for as many people as possible.

I’m The Pole Comedian and if you’re reading this; I believe in you.


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