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We have so much going on that we decided to make a video of our January Announcements.  You may be seeing more of these as UPA grows.  Below the text is the video if you just want to watch.  On this page you will find the links to everything mentioned in the video. UPA is now a Mind Body Ambassador. Want to get your first month of MindBody free? Sign up through United Pole Artists. Email us at info@unitedpoleartists to learn more. Tiff Finney from Glasgow Scotland has uploaded a new Kwiki to UPA! In this short instructional video, she’s teaching The Tornado. Learn this exciting floorwork move for only $2.29! Get The Tornado by clicking here: Pole Poised products have been added to the UPA store! Get your body balm, bath tea and grip aids seperately or all in one package! Grip aid comes in regular and extra strength. Pole Poised is made from all natural ingredients.  Click here to see Pole Poised in the UPA Store: We are bringing back the monthly Video Challenges, starting up again in March. We have nine different categories including Sexy, Doubles, Fitness, Story Telling and more! Visit to see the dates, rules and categories. Click here to learn more: US Aerial is happening this coming February 6, 7 and 8 and guess what, is live streaming this event. All three nights! This means you get to see Silks, Lyra and Pole for the whole weekend, for FREE! Check our facebook events to join and keep up with all of the details. Day One: Day Two: Day Three: Last but definitely not least, Pole Show LA is taking place this weekend! UPA is a proud sponsor of this event and will be live tweeting and posting to Instagram. This show has pole-ebrities such as Natasha Wang, Olga Koda and Jedda Jordan. Stay tuned to UPA’s social media so you don’t miss a beat. Twitter: Facebook:

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