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Josiah Grant began his acrobatic and dancing career at the young age of ten. Growing up, he never had a sport that he dedicated his time to, but always enjoyed taking classes to hone his skills in gymnastics, hip hop dancing, contortion, Jamaican dance-hall, belly dancing, and martial arts. By the time Josiah reached the age of seventeen, he was already looking for the next level in his artistic career. While at gymnastics, one day he miraculously found his talents all meshing together while joking around on a slanted pole in the gym. After this short brush with destiny, he began investing numerous hours of time & money into training himself to becoming the phenomenal acrobatic pole dancer that he has become today. From his bedroom in Reseda, California, he started creating videos of his pole art and began to upload them to Youtube, where he became well known in the Pole dancing community. On his third month of creating videos, Grant instantaneously discovered his alter ego “Bad Azz”, and has been performing all over the United States displaying his art at several night clubs, and most recently appeared on the ” Jerry Springer Show” as a special pole dancing performer. With his ever growing fame and skill, Bad Azz is, and will go down in history as the most skilled, unique, and artistic male pole dancer in the world. Q: Are you anxious to work with other male pole dancers??? A: I actually am anxious to work with other male pole dancers. I think that it would be interesting to share different pole moves and ideas with another male poler. Q: Have you done double pole dancing with any female pole dancers? If so, who? A: I actually have done double pole dancing before with my good friend Honey. We started practicing doubles about two years ago. I plan on practicing with other female dancers on doubles this year. It Q: Have you done any contests or have any coming up in the future? A: I’m planning on attending V.P.C next month to show the judges my skill on the pole. Hopefully I will place and win a prize. Other than that I plan on entering any contests in th U.S that allow male pole dancers. Q: Do you find when you perform at venues, do other males come up to you expressing interest in learning what you do? A: When I perform at venues I find more women expressing interest in what I do. The males most of the time will compliment me on my skill and that’s it. I don’t know if they’re just being shy,or if they’re not comfortable to dance on the pole yet. Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? A: I get my inspiration from my music, students, and other professional pole dancers. Honestly, when I need to gain some inspiration I’ll go to really good strip club to see the exotic dancers work the pole. That always inspires me. Josiah Grant

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