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There are many people out there that think that children dancing on a pole is a form of child abuse. We here at United Pole Artists find that a bit absurd. However, there is no denying that kids on poles is a controversial subject. Below are several links to articles and videos that talk about or show pole dancing babies, kids and young adults. Browse through them and tell us your thoughts. UPA wants to know what you, the Pole’r Bears, think about this subject. Even if you’re not a poler and you’ve happened upon this post, tell us what you think. There is a reply option at the bottom of this post. We look forward to hearing your voice on this matter. 🙂 Fury Over Pole-Dancing Kids: click here Pole Dancing For 6 Year Olds: click here Fox News: click here This one has a great video to watch, an interview with Tantra Fitness’ Tami Morris. Baby Pole Dancing on Youtube Video: click here Chastitie Lujan’s Youth and Future on Pole: click here.

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