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Kirstie with husband

This is a tribute to a beautiful Unicorn, Kirstie Tancock. Kirstie had been battling Cystic Fibrosis from an early age and had undergone two double lung transplants.  She even did crowd funding for her transplant (at least one of them that we know of) through her blog.  But her body began to reject the transplants again for the second time which led to BOS or Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome.  The BOS that she suffered from after the transplants made her very ill. Her doctors informed her that a third transplant would not be a good idea under her condition.  For many reasons, Kirstie decided it was best to not go through with it. Tancock knew her time was running out and she took to writing.

Leading up to her passing, Kirstie blogged about her experience and her knowing of her impending death. At times, she would make jokes in an attempt to make her readers smile. When you read her blog entries, you get an understanding of the love that was pouring from her heart.  Amazingly and thoughtfully, as she told us what it was like to stare death in the face, she tried to make her readers happy.  She had told friends of hers “I’m not sad, I’m thankful for all those incredible years I have had. Such a gift. I feel blessed and happy.”  Friends of hers say that she was an incredible wave of light and life.”

To read Kirstie’s blog, click HERE.  


With niece and husband at a 5K fun run

She was a truly radiant person and found pride and joy in teaching her students, not just pole dance, but to love, to triumph and to always find happiness.  Her dying wish was to meet her pole idol, Marion Crampe.  One day, she commented Marion’s Instagram “One of my regrets is not training with you when I could at pole theatre! Now my health has declined and I will never get the opportunity.  You are simply magical thank you for inspiring.”  On November 9, 2016, Marion flew to Bristol, England to surprise and visit Tancock.  They spent the day together, chatting, watching movies and sharing interests.  UPA has exclusive footage of the moment Kirstie saw Marion walk into her hospital room.  (see video above)



Marion Crampe told us “in those few hours next to her I felt so much Life. I felt like growing as a human next to the soul sharing a piece of her journey in a way that few can do.

Kirstie was the strongest in that room telling everyone it will be ok and fine.”

Kirstie in life was wonderful and brave. In death, she leaves us inspired. She wrote in her blogs details of what life was like leading up to her impending death. She reminded us constantly to love, to be grateful for every moment and to try to find ways to relax even under the most strenuous moments in life. Our thoughts and love go out to her loved ones that she has left behind.  We have no doubt she will be terribly missed.  Her light reached far and wide and her words will be inspiring to many of those that had never known her.  Kirstie Tancock wrote of leaving her mark on the world after her death.  In our eyes, she most certainly has.  Her funeral is this Friday, and she is not allowing anyone to show up that is wearing dark colors.  Everyone is required to wear fun and light colors and to celebrate, not be sad.  These are Kirstie’s wishes, as she planned her funeral “to a T” before her death.


This Friday, in honor of Kirstie, we ask you to post a picture of video of yourself wearing white in honor of Kirstie. Let’s all be Unicorns as it was her favorite animal.  Use Kirstie’s hashtag #TurnAnEndingIntoABeginning




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