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Latest Pole Dancing Adventure Cartoon!

Photobucket Leen says: Presenting the gorgeous & the strong, SUWASIT! In this portrait, he’s holding a solid shoulder mount (with a smile!) I added a Thai inspired pattern in the background to commemorate his heritage and the glitter is so very Las Vegas, don’t you think? This beautiful man is a pole dancer and aerialist performer and teacher in Las Vegas. You can find him at Shine Fitness. Next time I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada, I won’t be partying. I’ll be pole-ing! WE LOVE OUR POLE DANCE BOYS! YAY! And speaking of Las Vegas, are YOU going to Pole Expo next month? I won’t be able to make it there in person, but I’ll be rooting in spirit. 🙂 Concerning the comics, my lack of storytelling in the comics lately was due to the commission orders I’ve received lately! So, I’ll be posting the artwork I create here and will get back to all the funny pole nuances soon. 🙂     Photobucket Are you the “Tasmanian Devil” when it comes to pole dancing? “This student no matter how slow she takes off form the floor manages to spin herself into a tornado so fast, that it could carve path to Australia. She on the other hand, knows no other way to pole. ” This was a commission for Michelle Cirullo of Pink Fitness Studio Inc.! Thank you, Michelle!

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