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Getting an effortless, lofty, floaty spin on static is not nearly as easy as some dancers make it look (cough cough, Nadia Sharif I’m lookin’ at YOU). Some people have inherent knowledge of how to leverage their body in spins and get serious air. For the rest of us, there are certain things we can all do in the interest of learning to fly.


1) Being afraid of momentum.

Momentum is what sets the hog dogs apart from the pups. You need to learn how to generate it and work with it if you want your spins to soar.
–Do NOT jump from a standstill into a spin. It’s bad for your shoulder, and it won’t give you any real loft to your spin because it normally will send you forward, which is not the position you want for your body. Think OUT and AROUND.
–Allow your hips to take you for a ride. In order for your spins to be their biggest and most effortless, you need to be constantly striving to get hips away, hips away, hips away.

2) Forgetting to engage your shoulder and core.

If you ever played “stiff as a board, light as a feather” as a kid you have already kind of seen this concept in action. Think about swinging a rope over your head in a circle like a lasso. If it’s a super soft rope you will look and feel like you’re swinging a noodle around. It will be difficult to control, flopping all over. That’s you in a spin when you don’t bother to engage the correct body parts. But if you use a rope with some rigidity and body to it, you’ll be able to twirl away while maintaining shape and height.

3) Over gripping.

Hanging to the pole for dear life is a spin killer … and if you don’t break the habit it can also become a shoulder, forearm, wrist, and knuckle killer, resulting in some painful and chronic injuries. What you want is the least amount of grip necessary to hold you to the pole. The good news is that if you’re getting #1 and #2 right, you’ll find that you really don’t need to grip with your hand as tightly as you originally thought.

Combine the right amount of GRIP TENSION with a HIPS AWAY body position and an ENGAGED SHOULDER AND CORE, and you have all the makings of your most effortless spins yet!

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