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It recently came to our attention that there is false and misleading pole dance information going around the mainstream media outlets on-line.  As the news, UPA has taken the time to attempt to set the record straight.  But we wanted you to be aware of what they are now saying.  And, oh yeah, furthermore, they still are calling it a “stripper pole” in almost every article we found on the subject of spinning poles.  Despite the fact there is not a stripper on the poles in the images and/or videos they are using.  It seems they don’t know the difference yet.  It seems they don’t care either.

This false pole dance information continues to perpetuate, and it is our duty as a community to calmly and intelligently put these myths they have about us to bed.  But let’s start with what’s happening currently.


Here is where it started….

We found this entry on Reddit, only as a result of other mainstream media outlets reposting this blurb, as if it’s fact or truth.

“Find out stripper poles spin in place (instead of strippers around the poles) is the grown-ups’s finding out Santa isn’t real.”

Firstly, all of us polers and/or strippers know that we do not only spin when we are on a spinning pole, but yes, sometimes we are on a spinning pole.

Secondly, we found an article on the New Zealand Herald (link: using a GIF of Anastasia Sokolova doing a massive spin on a static pole.  However, their entire article is stating that we spin in such a way because the pole is spinning.  This leads people to believe that Anastasia, and thusly the rest of us, are not accomplishing these feats by using momentum.  What this looks like to us is misleading pole dance information.

On this next article on the Metro UK (link: we found, they adequately and thoroughly explain the difference between a spinning and static pole.  They even show the mechanics of it seen here (below):


However, if you look at the title, they are doing a disservice to strippers and pole dancers.  These types of poles they are referring to are not used inside of the strip clubs.  Strippers inside the clubs are not using hex keys. In fact, some strip clubs don’t even have a pin for spinning pole to become static.

Furthermore, they are using images of pole dancers and continuously refer to the pole as a “stripper pole”.  These ladies don’t look like strippers to us, and strippers don’t look and dress like these ladies.  It’s difficult to wrap heads around this.  Since when do strippers dance barefoot in a brightly lit room?  How can they not see the difference here?

pole dance informationJust to be clear, this author supports both activities.  My beef here is with the media consistently perpetuating false information, still using the word “stripper pole” because it is grabby in headlines.  To me, that’s offensive to strippers.  Not giving a damn about the fact that things have evolved, that pole has changed over the last decade dramatically.  Strippers and pole dancers alike are both to be praised and respected.  But at this point, the two are completely different.

Here is my message to the media…Stop spreading misleading pole dancing information to your audience.

A woman asked me today, what is the difference between instructing at a pole dance studio and working in a strip club.  I told her “The two things are worlds apart.  The intent, the action, the movement, the reason we are all there are all different.  The only thing they have in common is the pole, and only sometimes the movement and only sometimes the attire.”



Here is my message to the media… Stop calling it a “stripper pole” when the thing is clearly just a pole.  We don’t even call it a “stripper pole” in the clubs.   Stop spreading misleading pole dancing information to your audience.  We have a hard enough time as it is teaching those that are clueless about what pole dancing has evolved into.

I wrote the New Zealand Herald today and set them straight.  I’ll update this article if and when they respond.

Yours Truly,


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