Select Page will be live streaming the International Pole Convention on Saturday, June 8, 2013 starting at 10:00am EST from West Palm Beach, Florida! The best part? This live stream is 100% free! Visit on Saturday, June 8 to watch!! Watch live commentating, interviews with pole stars and watch some amazing performances from the following people: 10:00am Featured Solo Performances Tracee Kafer Veronica Marie Carlie Hunter Danielle Romano Kristy Sellars Brynn Route Sabrina Woods 10:45am Pole Star Performance (Jamilla Deville) 10:55am Group & Solo Performances Pole Pressure’s Student Pole Troupe Bittersweet Studios- Releve Aerial Dance Vertical Joe’s Studios Of Atlanta, Georgia Eye Candy Studio Of Tokyo Performing ‘Prison Break’ Eva Carpenter Toni Stratford Sandy May Rebecca Starr Ecdysiast Pole Studio in Portland, Oregon 12:10pm PoleCon Hall Of Fame Event *Iron X Endurance Hold & Fonji Jump Down* 1:30pm Pole Star Performance (Lou Landers) 1:35 Featured Solo Performances Allison Sipes Elena Artamonova Alethea Austin Brandon ACCRO Rosario 2:00pm Bad Kitty Spins & Trix Battle 3:00pm Stage And Seating Cleared For ‘Bad Kitty Fashion Exhibition’ Rehearsal- seating will re-open at 3:45pm 4:00pm Bad Kitty Fashion Exhibition Show (Awards given to ‘Bad Kitty Spins & Trix Battle’ winners)

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