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Michula Nunez is a native Californian who grew up doing competitive gymnastics. She developed her love for teaching/coaching quite early when she began instructing gymnastics at the age of 12. Michula soon found that teaching was her calling and found that motivating and believing in the potential and achievements of her students was fulfilling and sought other ways to achieve In her early 20’s, she was head of the mathematics department at a private school in Ojai CA, where she instructed the 4th – 12th grades. She later went back to shool to earn her her credential to make her love for teaching official. While earning her certificate, she was also teaching elementary school science at The Pegasus School, Huntington Beach, Ca where she created a highly-regarded science curriculum for the lower school science program for grades K – 3. Never forsaking her love for fitness, Michula discovered pole dancing 11 years ago and soon began instructing it in the evenings in 2002. With the trained and natural ability of a teacher, she was able to break down and teach the most difficult elements to her clients. For six years, Michula continued to teach science during the day and instruct pole dancing, Pilates, and Spin in the evenings. Yet she soon realized that she preferred teaching pole dancing due to its creativity and its potential to be recognized as a legitimate sport/art. It was then that Antix Fitness Studio was born in July 2006 with her studio opening soon thereafter. Antix Fitness Studio opened in February of 2007. Michula, as a master-instructor, sets the bar and maintains the highest of standards in pole dancing for fitness. Antix Fitness is a world-renown pole dance studio with an international-based following. At Antix, pole dancing classes are student-centered. From step-by-step instruction to a more hands-off approach, each level offers students unique opportunities to gain increasing skill, confidence, and competency as a dancer. Classes are designed such that with each increasing level, the student experiences a new level of independence in designing the choreography and implementation of their own character. Ultimately, the goal at Antix is for the student to perform as a skilled dancer whereby she successfully designs a routine from choosing the music, tricks/spins, transitions, poses, and floor work! Michula in so doing has also set the bar for showcasing pole dancing in its proper light – as an athletic art. Her clients monthly showcase their talent at The Underground in Redlands, Ca which helps to raise the awareness that pole dancing is indeed an art and sport. Most recently, Michula, produced and promoted the biggest showcase on the West Coast during the summer of 2009, Rock the Pole where 13 of the nation’s top dancers performed at each venue! Michula won the title of California’s Most Athletic in the recent California Pole Dance Championship. As the West Coast Representative for the United States Pole Dancing Federation, Michula helped to organize this regional competition – from organizing the stage, crew, volunteers, media, sponsors and travel arrangements, and after-party. Michula is also a performing member of Emilee Wilson’s VertiGirls, a traveling troupe of elite aerialists that perform at various venues, from the Virgin’s Ball, Aqua Club, Beverly Hills, CA, and including for the first time ever The House of Blues, Hollywood, Ca! The VertiGirls were featured in November 2009’s issue of Pole 2 Pole Magazine and are planning international venues in 2010! Finally, Michula is also a founder member of the newest non-organization, East Meets West Pole Events. As East Meets West (EMW) hosts events across the country, the organization also will partner with other dance studios and representatives. Additionally, EMW will promote open dialogue between individuals interested in pole dancing as a fun, entertaining, and awe-inspiring art form for personal enjoyment. East Meets West Pole Events is proud to announce, the inaugural events to take place during the summer of 2010. The first event will occur on the West Coast, the Ms. Spinster (35 and up age category) and BiPoler Challenge (open to men and women, for doubles competition), and will be hosted by Antix Fitness of Redlands, CA and to be held at the Fox Theatre. And on the East Coast, the Tri-Pole Challenge, incorporating Ms. Spinster, BiPoler Challenge and the Pole Am (amateurs competition), hosted by E-Fit Dance @Shergold Studio, and held at the Jefferson Theatre in Charlottesville, VA. As a sponsor of these unique events, we invite you to share in this very powerful and inspiring display of strength, flexibility, and artistry by both local and national dancers. Q: What are some upcoming events for you?? A: Upcoming events include a) Antix girls are performing at The Underground in Redlands, Ca on March 12th-“A Pre-St. Patty’s Day Pole Show! We have guest performers (the VertiGirls!!!) who are coincidently are hosting workshops at the studio the following afternoon. 5 hours of poling for just 85! b)The Vertigirls will be performing at amazing upcoming events including the 1 year anniversary of Medicinal Mondays at the Good Hurt in Venice, Ca, the Ink and Iron tattoo show and convention at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca, and at the International Pole Convention in Washington, D.C.! c) I am most excited about my new venture with Samantha Jones, Sherwood Studios, in organizing a tri-fold competition series. The East Meets West is premiering the first national competition that will have a pairs competition in which boys can compete! And our competiton will showcase the first age-specific competition for women (its time to allow the cougars of the pole world out!!!) age 35 and up! 2) My inspiration comes from a plethera of sources including the amazing women I perform with (collaboration is key to growing as a dancer and athlete) to watching other sports such as figure skating. Wierd, I know. Inspiration also comes from the simple things as in the words of a song or its melody. As far as specific women in this industry, my inspiration of course is Jenyne Butterfly. I admire her person, humility, and sheer strength. And of course, inspiration comes from my many pole peeps from YouTube. I love you all!!!!! My non-failing biggest inspiration is my husband, Georgien, my biggest support and my best friend who is always there. Michula Nunez

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