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The story of this Pole Brand was written by current owner of Mighty Grip, Stephanie Housel
Mighty Grip was founded in 1998.  The creators of the first Heat activate sports hand grip, the only of its kind in the world.  The Original Powder grip is made with thermoplastic paraffin, grinded into powder form which activates by the body’s blood circulation.  Creator Joel Bretan designed this component because of his love for Racquetball.  Joel has very tiny hands and had trouble gripping the racquet.  Having a background in health and beauty composition, Joel set out to design a formula that would help your hand grip.  After finding success in this formula, Joel and brother in law, Vincent Delvecchio, decided to start Mighty Grip Inc.  Mighty Grip would go on to produce the first grip of its kind catering to golf, football, racquetball and tennis.  The brothers would go door to door bringing cookies to Sports clubs, teams, and stores and drop off samples of the grip for free trials.  This fastly lead to opening up wholesale and sponsorship options for club organizations, retail stores and teams.
Fast forward a few years and the guys get a call from a lady in Amsterdam.  This lady asked if they had a product that could “stick to their pole”.  Needless to say, the guys nearly fell out of their chairs.  Not knowing what the lady was referring to, they said, yes, and sent a sample of grip to Amsterdam.  The Original Formula grip was exactly what was needed.  The guys then went to Amsterdam to see what this “pole” thing was all about.  While there they were presented with a opportunity to host a competition.  The guys put all the competitors up in a hotel, hired a DJ at the local disco tech and then proceeded to Sponsor the first pole dancing competition in the industry.
This  quickly became a new avenue for the Pole industry.  Mighty Grip joined forces with Xpole and Bad Kitty and became one of three leading financial investors and influencers that have made this industry grow and flourish as it does today.  Competitions were born, athletes were now being Sponsored and a new craze took over the world.
Mighty Grips first Sponsored athlete was Pioneer Pantera Blacksmith.  Pantera would take Mighty Grip all over the world leading to Sponsorship with Zoraya Judd, Jamilla Deville, Estee Zakar and many many more.  With over 15 years serving the pole industry, Mighty Grip has developed two US patents on its over 146 Assistive and Protective Gear products designed specifically for the pole and aerial industry.  You can find Mighty Grip products in over 85 countries worldwide, offering wholesale programs for studios, instructors and volume resellers.  Mighty Grip is its own manufacturer and creates custom hand made pieces and private labeling options.

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