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*Mina comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics. She has been Pole Dancing for over 2 years. She brings grace, strength, and flexibility to the pole. As a proud member of the Vertigirls, Mina performs in showcases all over Los Angeles and was recently featured in the LA Times. You can also see Mina on the December 2009 cover of Pole 2 Pole magazine. With a degree in Communications from UCLA, Mina’s resume includes experience in journalism and marketing. Mina teaches pole classes at Allure and Evolve Dance studios in Los Angeles.

Q: How did you discover pole dancing? A: I heard about pole dancing classes as a way to stay in shape and took a class out of curiosity. I instantly become addicted and told myself I was going to master this thing. I set a pole up in my living room and been going at it ever since. Q: What contests have you been in lately? A: I did Pole Superstar back in October, that was my first national competition. Then I did California Pole Dance Championship and USDPF west coast within the same month. I just did vertical pole challenge in December and got 3rd in my division. Next one is the USPDF amateur Championship in March 2010. It will be fun because I am friends with almost all the competitors. It will be one big pole dance party 🙂 Q: Which contest did you like the best and why? A: Pole Super Star was a fun experience because I got to visit NYC, but I was also super nervous for that one. I think I enjoyed VPC the best because I was really relaxed and had no expectations. Q: What do you see for yourself in the future with pole dancing? A: I want to travel the World and perform and teach. I want to have a part in revolutionizing pole dance into the mainstream. Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? A: I get inspired by lots of things…but to name a few…Most of my inspiration comes from the incredible Miss J Butterfly…I love her lines and strength. I also get inspired from all my fellow pole dance peers that I teach and practice with everyday. I am a member of the Vertigirls professional pole dance troop which is an amazing group of dancers that offer much inspiration to me as well. And finally…the music inspires me to move and be creative.

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