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Yesterday, Linda Spraggins and Karen Palmer, the owners of Miss Texas Pole Star, made an announcement.  Miss Texas Pole Star will not be held this year.  MTPS has been held in October for the last five years and was a one of a kind event.  One that combined aerial with pole before most other events were. Read below to see their statement. Miss Texas Pole Star “Many heartfelt hours of discussions have gone into this announcement. It is with heavy hearts, that we announce our mutual decision that the 2015 Miss Texas Pole Star Pole and Aerial Arts Competition will not be held this year this year. During the past five years, The Miss Texas Pole Star Organization and all her supporters, have worked tirelessly to ensure that MTPS competitors have had the greatest opportunity in our industry to showcase their art, talent and build an amazing network of like minded individuals. Through the MTPS process, we have made life longs friends as well as supported and encouraged many athletes to achieve not only their personal goals but global recognition. It is for this reason, that we, Linda Spraggins and Karen Palmer, co-owners of MTPS, have decided to step back, take a break and reflect on our process. We have made this decision, like all ones concerning MTPS, as a team, united in agreement. At this time, we each feel we are unable to dedicate the time and efforts needed to cultivate new sponsors, recruit new competitors and contribute the combined support necessary to produce an Aerial Competition of MTPS’s magnitude. We proudly were one of the pioneers in the competition industry and built, grew and produced Miss Texas Pole Star for and with a love of the sport. We lovingly and proudly created a fair, organized and reputable stage on which our competitors could showcase their art in a safe, professional and nurturing environment where everyone was welcomed. We know you will join us, supporting our decision with the possibility of MTPS’s return at a future date refreshed, updated and a caliber not yet see in the competition world. Moving forward, MTPS will remain proactive to ensure that the aerial arts are a recognized and supported art form for future generations to come. We will continue to keep our MTPS’s forum open for guidance and support of our competitors as they continue their aerial journeys. Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of our Miss Texas Pole Star Organization and family. We are extremely grateful for the support received by MTPS these past five years and look forward to what the future holds for us all. To every competitor, judge, volunteer and sponsor that has supported MTPS’s efforts during this time, we offer our genuine heartfelt thanks on behalf of everyone involved. Last but not least, we want to thank our families, who have selflessly relinquished much of their time with us so we could support and contribute to MTPS efforts. We love and thank you all and look forward to the journey ahead and what it hold for us all. Linda and Karen”    

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