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Everybody has a nemesis trick. For me it’s Superman. I have tried getting into it every which way, and it. simply. eludes. me.  It’s not a strength issue. It’s my daggoned hip. It just WILL NOT FLIP! And if I try to get into it from a piked hip hold (which was Plan B, now is Plan Not Happening), I can’t get my hips to drop below my shoulders in order to get myself all Superman-y.

Time and again I have gotten sooooooo close, only to end up looking like Leen Isabel’s *awesome* Superman cartoon: this is TOTALLY me, every single time I try it.

So I’ve shelved it, indefinitely. I decided that I should spend my time training for moves that I’m likely to actually get (haha), and stop being frustrated about the one that seems un-get-able. And you know what? It’s made pole dancing so much more enjoyable for me. I love to work hard training to get a new trick. I love to *nail* a new trick. And I love having some that are on the “someday” list. But if they stay on the someday list for too long without any forward progress, I’m likely to move them to the “maybe never” list.

Which brings me to another part of this conversation. It’s important to have goals–but sometimes, it’s OK to take those goals and set parts of them aside for later, or for never. If your goals do nothing but frustrate you, they’re not very valuable to you. Goals should be achievable, lest you start to feel like Sisyphus.

No fun!  Every once in a while I trot Superman out, just in case something has changed … BUT I make sure that I don’t allow myself to get all caught up in frustration if things don’t go as planned (which, when it’s Superman-land, they historically don’t)

So what’s your nemesis trick? How do you deal with the frustration of the nemesis? Do you put it aside? Do you forge ahead indefinitely? Do you fall somewhere in between?

(PS – It’s going to be different for everyone, that’s what makes us human, and that’s one of the things that makes humans awesome.)

Unrelated: I am SO EXCITED about Bringing Sexy Back Week, 2013 edition. Who else? 🙂

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