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This story has been compiled by UPA and Volare. The latest developments and answers on the 2015 Australian Pole Camp and Convention (APCC): Beginning with the cancelled Pole Perfection Showcase that was meant to take place on February 8th, 2014. This was to be held at the Big Top venue within Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. The event was cancelled the day before it was to take place, leaving polers stranded in Sydney, much like this year’s APCC. It’s cancellation is very similar to the APCC and there have been some unanswered questions. Upon speaking to an employee from the event office at Big Top, she did say there were plans to have a showcase there on that date. She also said that because the event organizers breached their contract, the venue was forced to cancel. The Wallers did not pay for the venue as agreed and the venue managers decided they had to cancel the event. This happened within 24 hours of the events scheduled start.

Australian Pole Camp and Convention

This post was made the Sunday before the APCC was cancelled.

Next, we have the Paypal situation: Based on a post made by Sabrina Waller, one that has been deleted, Paypal was holding her funds. This post was made the Sunday before the APCC was cancelled. We made a call to Paypal and they gave us a list of reasons why they would hold funds of an account holder: The account in question was hacked Paypal suspects the account holder of fraudulent behavior. If you are doing business and you haven’t met tax compliance laws. Several complaints against the account holder were filed. You’re at a different place, IP address is different, you forget your password and try too many times, you can then get locked out. But this issue is quick to resolve with a basic phone call to Paypal. If you would like to file a claim with paypal, you can visit the following link: As for the Camp to take place at the Mercure hotel… We spoke to the manager of the event office at the hotel. The hotel employees were in touch with event organizers until the day that they cancelled. Communication between the two parties was regular for the last month. Although, according to the hotel manager, communication was a bit of a challenge due to organizers being in the U.S.  Australian Pole Camp and Convention The hotel required documents from the Wallers proving that Sabrina was in the hospital, as this is procedure for “canceling an event of this magnitude.” Discussions between the Wallers and the Mercure Hotel for a 2016 Australian Pole Camp and Convention have commenced, meaning, there are plans in the works for next year. Other information has lead us to find out that Pole Fever Studios Wanneroo and Platinum Stages, both owned and operated by the Wallers, are no longer a registered businesses as of January 31, 2015. We cannot state for sure if they lapsed or if they cancelled the businesses. Despite the cancelled event and obvious disappointment from camp goers upon hearing the cancellation of the Australian Pole Camp and Convention, there has been good that has come of this. Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle had organized a “camp” of their own, calling it the Emergency Pole Camp. In just two days, they organized forty workshops in their studio, Pole Dance Academy. Each workshop had between seven and sixteen people in them. They kept the workshop fees low, due to many having lost money on the cancelled event. These ladies did not make money from organizing this event, they did it to help the traveling instructors and campers. They took it upon themselves to organize these workshops from scratch after being turned down by Gary Waller to help run the APCC in place of Sabrina. This was just after the Wallers announced the event was to be cancelled due to Sabrina’s illness. When Gary refused their help, Michelle, Maddie and others decided to make their own plans to help the stranded polers. Amber Ray and Andrea Ryff are amongst those that decided to take on the cancelled event and help their fellow polers. Amber Ray tells UPA “I had workshops on Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday night was a big pole Jam then showcase. I’ve done the banking and we have raised $2015 for the instructors. This includes a huge donation from X Pole- we raffled off a pole and someone bought it for $500!” Performers of the showcase were Bailey Hart, Stacey Craven, Maddie Sparkle, Justine, Amber Ray, Lisa-Maree De Marco, An Dre, Dirdy Birdy and Yungie, Miriam, Dakota Fox and Sammy Lee with hostess Charlee Fox.
Australian Pole Camp and Convention

Polers at the Emergency Pole Camp

  Dakota Fox, one of the instructors that flew in from the United States to teach at the APCC recently posted to Facebook: “While my trip overseas has not gone quite as I anticipated… the resulting events have been a blessing I never expected! I am beyond touched, humbled and grateful for the incredible community of pole dancers here in Sydney this weekend. Their smiles, positive energy and generosity is beyond compare!!! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to local pole superstars Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Amber Ray and Andrea Ryff not only for their giant hearts but for the time & energy they have donated to all the stranded camp goers & instructors this weekend. The showcase tonight at Haus of Pole was the first time all of us have been able to share one room together since the news of the Australian Pole Camp’s unexpected cancellation was announced. The evening was filled with pole sharing, laughter, incredible performances and a little Aussie naughtiness! The camaraderie & bonds formed this weekend amongst camp goers & instructors is one I think we will cherish for years to come. I am so immensely impressed by the Australian pole community… it is one of best I have ever had the honor of being welcomed into. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each & every one of you. This experience will be one I will cherish the rest of my days!!! AUSSIE POLERS ROCK!!!” Australian Pole Camp and Convention   Michelle Shimmy also says “At pole dance academy, Maddie and I were really happy to welcome all the visitors and help try to make their stay in Sydney even better than it would have been had the camp gone ahead. It was a hectic weekend but seeing the smiles and seeing them enjoy their workshops so much was more than enough reward! We hope to see everyone back at the PDA Summer School next year in January.”

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