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Written by Diana Boyle, Owner of Embody Pole Fitness

Nothing makes you feel more alive than narrowly thwarting death – especially if your great escape is made possible by your own amazing level of strength and fitness! In fact, getting in great shape does more than just reduce your risk of having a heart attack in middle age; it can also help you escape from sticky situations.
And, believe it or not, aerial silks and pole training may just be one of the best ways to stay fit – and stay alive!
Hanging by a Thread
Imagine you’re out camping in the woods, enjoying a peaceful evening toasting marshmallows around the fire when you hear a crashing noise in the brush. This could only mean one thing: Bigfoot! After slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you off to his lair, this desperately-in-need-of-a-good-Brazilian monster decides to hang you — upside down, of course – from the tallest tree around. What do you do?
If you’ve been taking aerial silks classes, this situation won’t even phase you! In fact, you’ll see it as a delightful chance to practice that “man in the moon” move that you’ve been working on in, all while enjoying the exquisite view from the top of a 100-foot tree.
Aerial silks is so much more than simply a stunning dance through the air while suspended from delicate-looking fabric. Aerial silks teaches you how to climb, how to balance, all while building up an insane amount of muscle strength and control, all perfect for those camping trips gone horribly, horribly wrong.
Cliff Jumper
So you’ve stolen the diamonds from the chateau on the hill. You thought you were home free, until those danged kids tipped off the police – and now you’re running for your life along the winding cliffside path when, oops! Over the edge you go!
Luckily for you, you’ve been taking pole dances classes at Embody. Not only do you look incredibly sexy as you dive over the edge, you’re also able to use your incredibly toned arms to grab onto a branch and break your fall. Most people would panic, but not you – pole dancing emphasizes a focus on breathing and movement meditation, so you keep calm and cool, even when you look down at the crashing waves on the rocks so very far below.
And, thanks to pole dancing’s focus on flexibility and strength — as well as the series of grips, braces and hooks that you learned – your arms, core and legs are strong enough to pull you back up to safety, where you leap into the waiting helicopter and make your escape to your own private tropical island where you can enjoy your ill-gotten gains in blissful peace.
So before your next camping excursion or jewel heist, be sure to get fit!

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