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On February 2, 2015, the founders of Pole Art made the following announcement on Facebook: “Dear members of the Pole Art community, Since 2009, Pole Art has been a tour de force much exceeding its initial objective: to provide an alternative and innovative forum for artistic pole dance. Emphasizing expressiveness and originality while toning down sports-like competitiveness, at the heart of Pole Art there has always been a stage space exempt from virtually all rules, emerging fresh ideas and unexpected takes on pole dance every year. In the same spirit, Pole Art is now ready to finish. We want to give way to new talent, new ideas, new ways of creating contemporary stage art around the pole. We thank you for these years and for the enthusiastic support you have given us and wish you the best success in creating a new and even better event!” Many of their followers are very sad to see this event ending.  Does this mean there is a place in the industry for someone to organize a new Pole Art?  

To visit the Pole Art Facebook Fan Page, click here.

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