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“Freestyling ain’t no trick, and it sure ain’t no pole basic

I know what you’re thinking. Pffffft. How can you call freestyling a pole basic? It isn’t a trick. It’s just dancing …. isn’t it? And the answer is: nope. Freestyling, that is to say gaining the ability to “just dance” and then doing so, is as much a skill as any pole trick you’ll ever learn. It takes practice, effort, and conditioning of your body just the same as spins and poses.

It’s time to step up your freestyle game

No matter what your dance style is — athletic, acrobatic, lyrical, hip-hop, exotic — there should be no feeling of dread at the thought of freestyling through a song or two. Dancing is fun! Especially when you’re dancing your way, in your style. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about ways to build this oh-so-valuable skill and enjoy yourself while doing it.

pole basics freestyling on pole

1) Remember that freestyle dances offer a chance to do all the moves you love, and to skip the moves you don’t love.

That right there is reason enough to keep doing them! Take some of your go-to moves, and combine them to form go-to combinations, and you’ve got the building blocks for a satisfying freestyle!

2) Try not to put a lot of pressure on yourself to “get it right.”

A main concept behind building your freestyling skill is problem-solving. And let’s face it, problem-solving often gets quite messy before any problems actually get sorted out. Get yourself into weird positions that require you to think about how to get out. Pretzel your body up, and figure out how to un-pretzel it. Try new hand placements when you’re working on familiar poses. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and evaluate.

3) Record your freestyles.

And when you watch them back, please don’t make faces. Don’t cringe. Remember, learning to freestyle is learning a SKILL. You won’t be fluid and graceful right away. But I’m betting you’ll see a few moments where you think “sayyyyyy, that wasn’t so bad!” Keep those in the freestyle tool belt so you can use them over and over until they come naturally. And eventually, you’ll have so many tools in your freestyle belt that you’ll start seeking out longer songs to dance to. Oh yes, that’ll happen.

freestyle pole basics climbing and spins

4) Do at least one freestyle dance every single time you train.

Here’s where I’m going to lose a lot of you, unfortunately. But keep this in mind: if you learn any pole move, any pole move at all, and then don’t do it again for months and months, how well do you think you’ll execute it the next time you attempt it? Exactly. So if we acknowledge that freestyle dancing is a skill, we need to also acknowledge that being able to do it well is going to require doing it often. Look at it as a way to help you warm up or cool down. Turn it into a game. Whatever you have to do in order to force yourself to do it! And in time, you may just find that you no longer need to force yourself. You may just find that you have come to {gasp} enjoy it!

There are so many other things I could write about when it comes to developing your freestyling skill. Freestyling is my favorite!
But for now … happy poling!

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