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Something amazing happened in our Pole Community today!  Chloe Anderson attempted to enter her pole studio Passion 4 Pole into the TAKEPART2015 Festival in Brighton & Hove but she was turned down!  Thanks to Laura Ashton of Pole Dance Jewellery, it was brought to our attention today to sign the petition.  We had plans to share the petition with all of you, but before we could, Chloe’s goal was reached and Brighton & Hove decided to accept her and her studio into the festival! Pole CommunityLaura Ashton posted on our wall “Brighton & Hove Council have refused to let Chloe Anderson and her pole studio take part in their sporting event TAKEPART2015, despite saying on their own website that “everyone is invited”! Brighton renowned for being a forward-thinking, liberal and tolerant town in the UK so the narrow-minded and ill-informed decision to refuse to include pole in this event is appalling! As we all know, pole is a great form of fitness for all ages, genders and abilities, it’s inclusive and promotes a healthy lifestyle and should be included in this event. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION :

Pole Community

Chloe Anderson pictured here.

Only a couple hours later, we received this email from Chloe: “Feb 13, 2015 — What a result!!! Thank you sooo much to everyone that signed and/or shared our petition. We had almost 500 signatures in less than 24 hours and you’ll be happy to know we will be taking part in TakePart 2015!!! I have never been so proud to be apart of the pole dance community, it has such a positive affect, that we are willing to fight for it.Reading through everyones comments has been an eye opener about how important pole fitness is to so many people! And I can’t thank you enough for supporting us on this cause! And I’d also like to thank Brighton & Hove Council for listening to us and changing their views on pole fitness. Thank you again for your support!!”

Way to go Pole Community!

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