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All of these pole competitions and pole competition names can be confusing. What is what and who is who? There are a few big ones in particular that have extremely similar names. In this article, we will tell you what they are, how they are different and who is behind these competitions. This is good information for you to know as a competitor, a spectator and a potential sponsor. Let’s get started…

Pole Competition Names:

US Pole Dance Federation : Pole Competition NamesOne that we’ve all heard of before, unless you are new to pole. US Pole Dance Federation, otherwise known as USPDF. This is the competition that catapulted the pole dance careers of Jenyne Butterfly, Alethea Austin and Natasha Wang. USPDF has been a women-only competition, one with a Compulsory and Optional Round focusing on dance. They debuted in 2009 and have been on haitus since 2012. The owner of USPDF has recently made a Facebook post stating they are making a comeback in the spring of 2015. The owner of USPDF is Wendy Traskos. To learn more about USPDF, visit Pole Competition Names US National Pole Championships: The next is a competition company that most of us have become very familiar with. This is Pole Sport Organization (PSO). They began hosting competitions in 2012 with Pacific Pole Championships. Since then they have grown like wildfire in the United States. In 2013, they held the first ever US National Pole Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently, they added Aerial Art competitions in the US and the European Pole Championships. They have four annual regional events in the US including Pacific Pole Championships, Atlantic Pole Championships, Central Pole Championships and Southern Pole Championships.  These all lead up to the US National Pole Championships. PSO has several divisions in their competitions from levels 1 – 4 up to a Pro Division and include men and women. They also have categories such as Entertainment. “This event is focused less on the difficulty of the tricks executed and more on the dancer’s ability to interpret a piece of music to provide a comical or upbeat performance.” They also have a Dramatic division. “This event is focused less on the difficulty of the tricks executed and more on the dancer’s ability to present a serious, emotional artistic interpretation of a piece of music.” The owners of PSO are Amy Guion and Bayleigh Pettigrew. You can find out more at Pole Competition Names US National Pole Sports Championships: Lastly, we have the newly debuting US National Pole Sports Federation which is heading up the US National Pole Sports Championships. This organization holds names very similar to the first two listed above. The difference here is that the word “sport” is being used. This organization is a member of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF). USPSF’s vision is as follows: “We hope to educate and inspire the public and future athletes in the benifits of Pole Sports and competative pole. Our goal is to assit the IPSF by working with the US government to gain sporting recognitition for Pole Sports.” The USPSF calls themselves the US National Governing Body of Pole Sports. They will have divisions such as Elite, Professional and Amateur and they focus on the sport aspect of pole and include men and women. It is unclear at the moment who is the owner of this organization and competition based on their website. They are currently taking applications for positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary General and more. You can find more information on this federation at With all of the acronyms being so similar, it can be difficult to distinguish between the three of them. Let’s list them for the purpose of familiarizing ourselves. USPDF – United States Pole Dance Federation runs the US Pole Dance Federation Championship PSO – Pole Sport Organization runs the USNPC – United States National Pole Championships USPSF – United States Pole Sports Federation runs the  USNPSC – United States National Pole Sports Championships

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