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I gave it up for pole

I write a lot about all the positives and benefits to be found in the art of pole dancing, and it’s true. There are so many incredibly cool things that come with the territory. But it’s time to write about the “other” stuff. The sacrifices. The things we give up willingly out of pole love.

1) Soft skin.

Remember when your hands were baby soft? Your palms had shiny new skin, and you could run your hands over a sweater without snagging it. Maybe you even used lotion on a regular basis. Well, the day you fell in love with pole was the day you said goodbye to that little pipe dream. Most polers’ hands look like something that would out-callous a steel worker. Grip aids don’t help the situation because they’re all about increasing friction, and what causes callouses? You guessed it. And we’re OK with it. Because pole.


2) Long-lasting pedicures.

Some last longer than others, and thanks to gel polish I can now get about two decent weeks out of a pedi…but the days before were sad days indeed for my feet. And I know I’m not alone in this. Floorwork=pedi killer. S’cool though. Because pole.


3) Non-stretchy fitted shirts.

Many pole dancers have had the following moment: you reach into your closet and pull out a favorite shirt that you haven’t worn in a while. Pull it on, try to button it up, and feel like The Hulk. Your shirt has been sacrificed to biceps and triceps and deltoids, oh my! The first time it happened to me, it was a super sweet little cap-sleeved silk button down. Not only would it no longer button thanks to my lats, but the once-darling cap sleeves now felt like a blood pressure cuff.

Do you remember your first Hulk out moment? Share it in the comments below!

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