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United Pole Artists

Coaching + Exposure for pole dancers

Connect with expert pole dancers, athletes and business owners to find your next break through.  The Pole Dance Industry is unique in that it’s new and operates from a place of love.  There were many that navigated this territory with zero guidance.  Now, we want to give back and contribute to the growth of our industry and community by guiding others onto a path of great success.

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UPA has one of the largest social media reaches in the industry.  Our Instagram and Facebook pages are extremely active with high engagement rates.   Click to APPLY!


We have been posting blogs and articles since 2009 with several guest writers.  These are articles written by the community about the community.

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We are affiliates of the most trusted pole dance brands in our industry.  Shop brands like Mighty Grip, X-Pole and 123Poling Tutorials.

Thinking about starting a brand?

If you have started thinking about creating a pole brand, UPA has a team of coaches and consultants that can help you.  All of our UPA Coaches have either started successful brands or events in the pole dance industry and can be your guide.  By clicking through, you will be entering our UPA Brands site.  We all have to start somewhere and we are here for you on this pole journey of yours. 

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