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Written by Jessica P

When I first started pole dancing it became my favorite outlet- no matter what was going on in my life I knew that when I was on the pole I would be stress free and happy. There was a particular day where I was so overwhelmed by an unfortunate event I was a crying mess all the way to pole. But as soon as I was up in the air I was free and I walked out smiling once class was done. My pole studio became a safe place where I knew I belonged. So many beautiful memories have been made there and I’ve shared a plethora of laughs with my coach. However, last year my health declined to the point I was hospitalized twice and I felt as if my world was up in the air. Pole kept me grounded and wanting to keep living. It improved my physical health and helped me better cope with my anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia. When I’m up in the air, spinning upside down and learning new combos I have a strong sense that everything is going to be ok and I know I can rely on my pole to bring a smile to my face :).

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