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Pole dancing helps a woman who suffered from bulimia. Here is an excerpt from an article written by Alison Tedford. For five years, I felt like my body was the enemy. It was too big, all wrong, an ungainly mistake. It took up too much space and all I really wanted was to disappear. I hoped to fade quietly, to make myself as small as possible to keep myself safe. In other words, I was bulimic. Eventually—and just in time—I chose recovery. That recovery breathed new life into my body, resuscitating it. Pole dance has become part of how I stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. In fact, I love it so much I became an instructor! When I’m in the pole dance studio, I can take risks with my body without fear of judgement. When I mess up, I just smile and say “Ta-da!” to transform the error into a hot new dance move nobody’s seen before. It’s a real 180 for someone who used to want to disappear to embrace such an in-your-face form of exercise. But pole dance classes helped me change my perspective on my body. It’s an exuberant and life-affirming celebration of something that used to cause me shame. To read the full story click below.

How Pole Dancing is Helping Me Recover from Bulimia

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