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Pole mom to the pole stars Kristy Craig was wed in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening. For those of you who don’t know, Kristy is the girl behind Poles on Tour. When I found out she was getting hitched, I knew that I had to make to the trip to see her marry the man of her dreams. Plus, who doesn’t love a Vegas wedding? As most people in the pole world know, Pole Convention just wrapped up in New Orleans the day before the ceremony. Yes, she had to schedule her wedding around this! So straight from Pole Con, I flew directly to Vegas for the nuptials. The small and intimate wedding was attended by pole dancers including; Natasha Wang, Nadia Sheriff, Brynn Route, Suwasit, Jamilla Deville and Brian Wolf. Yep, half the wedding was pole dancers! Kristy2 Kristy and husband Daryl were married in a Vegas Wedding Chapel followed by an after party at Shine Alternative Fitness. Darling Suwasit walked Kristy down the aisle and gave her away (yes we all shed a few tears at this)! Upon arriving to the after party, Kristy and Daryl were given a surprise lyra and silks performance complete with rose petals thrown over them! The opening song was performed to “Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars. I think Nadia Sherriff cried more than Kristy and Daryl during it!! Kristy4 A lot of pole dancers are not from where they currently live now. Us pole dancers are a family. We train together, travel together and Kristy is the mom that looks after all us kids. Kristy even assigned us ‘family roles’ before the wedding! I’ll let you take a guess who were given what roles. I spoke to Kristy about how her and Daryl met. “We met online on Okcupid just after I moved to Las Vegas. I’d been dating in Los Angeles for 2 years with nothing but crazy stories. Our first date was a movie. I was actually going solo and invited him to tag along. It was cute, he was adorable and a perfect gentleman. The next day he drove me up Mt Charleston and even out to Red Rock area – like a mini outskirts of Vegas tour.  During that day together, I think we both realized that we’d been hanging out together in a relatively confined space (his truck) for like 5 hours and didn’t want the day to end.  We continued with dinner, and as he dropped me of,f we talked about how easy this was and how much we really liked each other. He asked if I would be his girlfriend. I made him sweat it out for a night. I told him to give me a night to sleep on it,’ she chuckles. ‘Needless to say, we decided to be exclusive pretty much over one weekend of knowing each other.’ Awwwwww. When its true love, you know it straight away. So from the entire pole world and your pole family, we all wish Kristy and Daryl a life long of happiness and love and we can’t wait for the pole babies! Kristy3

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