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By Annemarie Davies
To say Pole Speak this last Saturday at Body & Pole was amazing would be the obvious. It was more than that. But Pole
Speak is more about just the company itself, it’s about the support
of all of the people involved The volunteers/ambient dancers, the
stage managers, the artistic support, the studio that hosts it and of
course, the audience that takes it all in. 
Tracee Kafer (photo by: Shishi Mc Donald)
Tracee Kafer and Jess
Linick, the two founders of Pole Speak, asked me to be in their most
recent show. Of course I said yes right away, but I had no idea what
I was getting myself into. Never have I been a part of something so
deep with such a wonderful outcome. All of the rehearsals, long
talks and learning about ourselves and each other led up to this
beautiful climax, the night of our performances. It was the ultimate
“O”, which was so fitting, for the show was about sex.
Jess Linick
Some of the pieces were strange and uncomfortable, which I found fascinating.  In Josh Taylor’s piece, he danced through the pain of losing innocence through experiencing sex as a child. It was
deep, profound and true. Kiele’s piece was about amateur porn. She
used a T.V. screen, a video camera and cord. Josh walked around and
directed her, filmed her, all while the audience watched the screen
that they were behind.  
Danielle Romano’s performance was about necrophilia. She smothered Jess Linick with a pillow, took off all her clothes and then proceeded to manipulate her “dead” body.  Pictured here is the pillow that she used.  We noticed back stage that it had Jess’s face print on it. So creepy and cool!  
Me, Irmingard and Philip

I could go on and on about all of the
performances. Dancing with Irmingard and Philip Deal was amazing,
playing on anonymous group sex. What a rush!

Anyone who was at the show can tell you
all of this and more, but what they can’t tell you is what it was
like getting there. The rehearsals were my favorite part. What I
loved most was sitting around talking about how to make everyone’s
piece even better. Every performance was a collaborative effort.
When I was out there on the stage, they were all with me. It was the
same for all of us. There were moments where I felt so grateful for
being in the room with them, for being invited into their world. I
realized how much of an honor it really was, many times. We did
breathing exercises together, we watched each other, filmed each
other and helped each other constantly.   
In my piece, I had the audience members
strip me of my jewelry, clothes, shoes, hair and make up. I was
supposed to wear pasties, but in rehearsal, they fell off. I
finished my piece completely topless and they all went crazy! That
is when I made the decision to do it topless for real on show night.
It was invigorating, showing all of
myself. The point of my piece
was, you don’t need rhinestones, high heels, fake hair or eyelashes
to be sexy. You just need you. Tracee said to me “I don’t
think you realize how powerful your message will be.” She was
right, I had no idea. Feeling the love from the audience was beyond
amazing. A moment I will never forget.
Dress rehearsal was intense! It was
almost like the real thing. It was that point right before you cum,
that moment when you feel like it’s just about to explode. All of
the ambient dancers were there, so many of them! They made sure we
all had our props when and where we needed them, the stage managers
Tami Schlicter and Rommel had it down and bossed us around in the
friendliest manner.
The backdrop created by using white silks and gel lighting

The owners of Body & Pole, Kyra
Johanessen and Lian Lebret loving offer their space to the Pole Speak
company. We practiced there for every rehearsal. We danced in the
back room upstairs for the audience on show night. The room was
transformed with silks hung to create a back drop and with mats,
blocks and chairs set up as raised seating.  
Aggie and Josh (photo by Cecilia De Bucourt)
The art done by Cecilia De Bucourt
helped captivate the audience and get them excited for what was to
come. She was able to capture moments in these pictures almost as if
we were looking into the future. Aggie and Josh’s performance was
one of my favorites. Their’s was about the electricity between two
people who have extremely strong chemistry. It was acrobatic,
sensual and highly erotic. Cecilia’s art truly captured this feeling
that we watched them act out before us.  For more of her amazing photos, you can find her on Facebook at Cecilia De Bucourt and Instagram @cecidebucourt.
There were a lot of tears, before,
during and after the show. Once we all came out and bowed, an
impromptu dance party broke out including the cast and crew of the
show and the entire audience. I’ve never been a part of the show
where everyone just danced and clapped with each other afterwards.
If you missed this, you really missed it! You should have been
there, you need to be there for the next one and the next one. I
know I will be. Get to Pole Speak, watch Pole Speak and prepare to
experience life changing memories.
The Pole Speak Company (photo by: Cecilia De Bucourt)

Thank you to Tracee and Jess for inviting me, nurturing me and supporting me. Thank you to the entire
cast for bringing in food, bringing your thoughts and insight. Thank
you to Kyra and Lian for creating the one of the most amazing places
I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you to Cecilia De Bucourt for
inspiring us with your art. Thank you to the ambient dancers for
taking such good care of me. Thank you to Tami and Rommel for being
YOU! Thank you to the Universe for leading me to all of you.   

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