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My husband and I took a road trip this year–we called it the 2015 Food & Music Tour. Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, and St Louis. I didn’t go to a single pole studio while we were traveling, but I returned home filled with pole inspiration nonetheless. POLE-SPIRATION! I couldn’t wait to dance to some new types of music, to add some new “flavor” to my personal style, to experiment with how to convey the spirits of the new places I’d been and music I’d heard.

And it all got me thinking about how dance touches so many aspects of my life. From excitedly evaluating structures for their street-pole-worthiness to seeing people dancing in the street by the hundreds and taking in the joy and freedom they had, dance was everywhere. (Note: street poling on Beale Street in Memphis wasn’t super well received by the local authorities haha).

Butterfly is PERFECT for street poling. <3

Butterfly is PERFECT for street poling at New Orleans City Park. <3

I am connected to this world and my fellow humans in a very particular and special way. And I might not have that connection if it weren’t for pole. I am more adventurous in myriad ways. I don’t question my strength or capabilities. I carry myself with confidence and a joy for life.

Thanks, pole dance!

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