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This post might make me unpopular. I thought maybe a Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme would soften it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So … here goes! This is a silly post, it’s not meant to solve any big world problems. I’m sure every dancer has this top 5, and each one would put different moves on their top 5.

Believe me, I’m aware that a fair number of my favorite moves — heel clacks, shoulder rolls, teddy and its variations — would probably go on many others’ top 5 lists.

As with any thing that has a following of any sort, the pole world has trends. Here’s my top 5 list of pole trends I could do without.

  1. The fonji. It’s an impressive move, no doubt about it … but the element of surprise is long gone. Dancer in shoulder mount straddle, hovering, hovering, hovering, hovering, waiting for a particular place in the music: tell me you don’t know you’re about to see a fonji. 
  2. Polers getting upset at being asked if they’re strippers. The comparisons aren’t likely to stop anytime soon, and getting huffy does nothing but denigrate an entire segment of our pole world simply for what they do to pay the bills. How about responding in a positive way? One that’s nonjudgmental toward others? 
  3. So. Many. Flips. You can see them coming a mile away, and I’ve almost never seen one landed gracefully. We started with shoulder mount flips — now we’re up to all sorts of crazy twisted grip somersault flips that look death-defying and awesome. But to me they don’t look like dance. 
  4. That foot on pole step up into knee grip thingie. I’ll admit, part of my bias is probably the fact that this move terrifies me to no end. When I first saw people doing it I was super excited about it. BUT … it has since become ubiquitous and, for me at least, it’s getting kind of tired.
  5. Russian split. Requires tremendous strength, flexibility, fearlessness. So do 7,689 other pole moves. Almost every one I’ve seen comes down into the split … then goes back up. Where are the interesting transitions into and out? 

OK, pole world. Change my mind. Show me some videos of the above moves being executed in surprising, fun, elegant ways. I’m sure they’re out there!

The opinions in this blog post do NOT represent the opinions of UPA, its leaders, or its members. They’re mine and mine alone. 

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