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Meet Colleen Jolly, the mastermind behind PoleCon’s return.

So who is she anyway?  Colleen is a businesswoman, with a successful multi-million dollar visual communications company who happens to love pole. She took her first class in July 2011 and in her own words was “absolutely terrible.” By 2012 she had started competing and opened her own studio in January this year. Now she is an AFAA-certified personal trainer and guest writes on the Bad Kitty blog. We sat down with her to get the scoop on the 2015 event.

What’s New?

Colleen, responsible for PoleCon's Return

Colleen Jolly, the new face of Pole Con

“All the things you love about PoleCon will be back!  Pole workshops and free non-pole workshops, a great room full of vendors and performances by amateurs as well as stars. What’s new?  We’re opening the event up to other members of the fitness community and bridging the gap between the personal trainers, the nutritionists, yoga practitioners, the cross-fitters and other aerialists. Many of us in the pole community are already cross training and working with these communities. Now it’s time we engaged them directly and invited them to discover our world. There will be more networking opportunities appropriate for people looking to work in the pole community. Also, for studio owners searching for service professionals and wholesalers looking for resellers.  We want to really celebrate the diversity of the entire community – the sexy side, the sport side, and the theatrical side. We want this to be beneficial for the person that does pole just occasionally for fun at any age or fitness level.  All the while, recognizing we’re a growing industry full of a variety of pole professionals that all need to connect and network.”

Why pole?

“<laughs> Even though I was so terrible in my first class and ridiculously bruised, there was something about the challenge that brought me back. The more I poled, I did see a tremendous change in my own body. I wasn’t athletic growing up and had a very serious motorcycle accident 13 years ago. My right leg was shattered between my ankle and knee so everything physical was hard (and still is!) for me to learn. But what really kept me coming back was the community. Everyone, men and women, were so different from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities and body shapes.  But the common thread, they were all so incredibly united over this slim, metal apparatus. Now, I guess like most of us, my life revolves around pole and I just want to share it everyone I meet!”

What’s next?

“We’re deep in the organizing phase right now and you’ll be seeing lots of information from our website and social media in the coming months as we solidify our schedule. There are still lots of opportunities to present and perform so if you’re interested in being involved please reach out!”

PoleCon's Return

Pole Con in New Orleans

Last question, why New Orleans?

“New Orleans is an amazing city full of unique culture, mind-blowing nightlife and most importantly—fantastic food! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Well that’s the new PoleCon, poler bears—see y’all in New Orleans next year for PoleCon’s return!

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