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Once upon a time, the Pole Dance Bloggers Association had an idea — and that idea became  #polemovement

“What would it be like if you were able to participate in a freestyle pole dancing video challenge WITH explicit permission from the musical artist? And on top of that you had some prompts to inspire you?”

#polemovement is described as a monthly music, pole and video challenge open to the entire pole and aerial community via the use of youtube, vimeo and other video sharing platforms. The challenges involve musical artists featured on who give explicit permission for polers to use their music as inspiration for pole dance videos.

I found out about #polemovement as part of my involvement with the Pole Dance Bloggers Association and was really excited to give it a go. I asked one of my classes if they’d be interested in helping me out, and the answer was an enthusiastic YES (thank you, ladies!!!). So one Thursday night we danced, danced, and danced some more. 
Bare feet. 
Costume changes! 
Spin pole. 
Static pole. 
No climbs/spins. 
No holds barred. 
Three times in a row they gave it their all, and by the end I had five wiped out but happy dancers in the studio. All three rounds were freestyle, though I’d played the song for them so at least they knew what to expect. Our first go was a warmup — no climbs, spins, or inverts. Rounds two and three were completely free. I asked each dancer to record her own dances, and to record each round from a different vantage point. I also recorded them. They each sent me their videos and I did the editing work.
This was SO MUCH FUN. I’ll be doing the next challenge with more classes if they’re interested (hint hint to my students). 
Here’s the finished product. Enjoy!  🙂   

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