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Written by Benjamin Cameron Hunt Allow me to start by saying that this is not a new issue. I (and others) have been begging fellow Internet users to be more careful, more paranoid, and all around smarter while using the Internet. Years ago there were a series of fake Facebook profiles all using the same Japanese surname spamming the Internet with Friend Requests, and each of them would have hundreds of Mutual Friends by the time I saw the Friend Request to me. This caused many, many facepalms. I begged for people to stop just accepting any/every Facebook Friend Request, and I even gave the example names and links to them. Many of those Facebook accounts still exist and many still have Mutual Friends.

“Why is it so important that I screen my Facebook Friend Requests?”

Be CarefulBecause by accepting any Facebook Friend Request, you are giving some legitimacy to that Facebook account, so that by the time others see a Friend Request from them, they have mutual friends and just assume they are legit. In that scenario, both you and the friends that assume that are being fooled. More specifically, any/every fake Facebook account can have only nefarious agendas, and enabling them to reach further into the Facebook world is just ignorant and negligent. It’s like if your kids see you talking to someone more than once, they can wrongly assume that you know them and trust them, and you can see where that hypothetical situation is heading. The most recent example of this Facebook faux pas is the following: On my News Feed, a Facebook Friend shared a screenshot of a profile of the name “Darwin Evolution”, and described how deeply disturbing their Posts are, and that they never would have accepted a Friend Request from such a person. In this case, I can attest that this Facebook profile was stolen and reshaped for whatever agenda, because I had invited that Profile into two of the Facebook Groups I managed 3 years ago and 2 years ago. I could not find any message history with them, so I am left to assume that the profile had Friend Requested me before I learned to be even more skeptical and paranoid of Friend Requests, likely with a name and profile photo that let me assume they were a real poler. The name on the Facebook URL is Elena Rudulf, which doesn’t ring a bell, but the residual evidence that they were indeed a legit poler is within the Events they attended up until 2012, and the 1,018 Mutual Friends. DarwinIf you have ever known Elena Rudulf, please speak now and let them know that their old Facebook Profile is being used for a deeply disturbing agenda that is obviously associated with radicalists from an Arabic speaking country. Please check your Friends List right now and see if you are Friends with Darwin Evolution. If you are, it is still up to you to decide if you are okay with being Facebook Friends with them, but just know that you are passively legitimizing them and/or enabling them to reach a larger audience. While you’re at it, check your whole damn Friends List. We both know we don’t need that many Facebook Friends (hell, my profile is for polers only, and even most of them I have never talked with). If you’re unsure if they are a legit profile, or a legit poler, or even just a legit human, Message them and let them know you are cleaning up your Friends List and checking if they are someone you know. PLEASE be smarter and more paranoid about who you Like or Friend or what-not on the Internet. And look out for each other when you do find a creep like Darwin Evoltuion. Since this blog has been written, the Darwin Evolution page has disappeared.  It was fully functional last night, September 22, 2015.  

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