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We are not medical professionals, at least most of us aren’t. And yet I see post after post after post on public forums and social media asking for medical advice.

There are posts like the following on a daily basis (these are things I just made up … but similar can be found without looking too far):

“I was training last night and fell out of a move and now my shoulder hurts when I move it, what should I do?”

“My elbow has started to hurt. I have shooting pains up and down my arm after every workout, any ideas what could be causing this?”

“I have been working on [insert name of move here] and have started feeling a pull every time I do it, any suggestions?”

“I just started to invert and now I have this pain in my side, what is that from?”

I am all about getting advice and input from fellow pole dancers when it comes to things like grip aids, costuming, move combinations, the funniest place they’ve ever gotten bruises, where to find the most awesome platform heels . . . but it is absolutely foolish to trust strangers on the internet with potential medical conditions.

Yes, I said it.



Do you think I can sit in my house across the country and diagnose your stress fracture that you got from doing too much work in split grip before you were conditioned for it? Maybe I can I teleport to you so I can test the range of motion you have in your hip, then give you the all clear to start working on spatchcock again?

Even if I could do those magical things . . . am I qualified in any way to give medical advice? Even as a well-qualified instructor I’m not qualified to give you medical advice other than “don’t be dumb about an injury, see a doctor.” I’m pretty sure that even doctors/nurses/physical therapists would tell you that long-distance medical help isn’t helpful in the least.

So please — please — for your own sake, the next time you injure or strain yourself on the pole, instead of asking Facebook, call a nurse line or make an appointment with your doctor. It will be worth it in the end when you’re once again poling safely and healthily!

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