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Prana was born August 16, 1988 in Paris, France. She thanks her parents for introducing her to Rhythmic Gymnastic at the age of four, and hasn’t looked back since. She has exceled in National Competitions during her 14 years of pole dancing.Once she graduated from High State Sports Educator of Gymnastic in 2006, she took on a new challege and became a teacher. This is when she can honestly say, “the sport has become my job and life passion”. Around that time, she was privileged to join RG and Fitness where steps, LIA, Bodysculpt, and Stretching were the essence of teaching. In late 2007, she made a discovery online and it quickly became another passion she fell in love with; Pole Dance. prana2 The fact that the feeling she had as a pole dancer was a shared feeling she had as a gymnast, made it easy for Prana to have a passion for Pole Dancing. She started taking classes at PoleDance-Paris and consequently, participated in the first Pole Dancing competition in France, Miss Pole Dance, in 2008. Prana placed 4th runner up at Miss Pole Dance and she was the sponsors choice after winning the hearts of the judges, despite having just four months of practice.At the end of the year, PoleDance-Paris suggested she take on the status of Professor. A position she gladly accepted, being so passionate about education and activities. pranaIn 2009, the French Competition First Pole Dance, recognized by the World Pole Gymnastic Federation (WPDF), Prana took second place with the highest technical score. She will be representing France at the First International Convention of Pole Fitness & Exotic Dance in Washington D.C in 2010. Now, she aspires to rise as high as her models; Marlo (USA), Jenyne Butterfly (USA), Oöna (Fin), Felix Cane (Aus), and Amber Ray (Aus).   prana4

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