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Ever wonder where you stack up in the pole dancing community? Not sure how to categorize yourself or your pole dancing talents? Take our quick quiz to see were you fit in! This quiz might help you determine what it takes to become a professional pole dancer or that pole dancing is one of your hobbies. Either way, UPA is happy to support you in your pole dancing endeavors! 1) Do you have a Facebook page for your pole dancing? a) No, I don’t post my pole dancing on Facebook. b) I have a personal page with a few pole pics. c) My personal and pole dancing stuff is all on one Facebook page. d) I have a fan page and a personal page with my pole dancing. 2) Are you an instructor? a) Yes, I’m an instructor. b) No, I watch youtube and practice on my pole at home only. c) No, I’m a student and attend a studio. d) I’m training to become an instructor. 3) Do you perform at venues? (i.e. night clubs, special events, theaters, contests as a guest performer) a) Sometimes I perform at special events and such. b) Yes, I perform 1-5 days/nights weekly at a venue(s) and/or events. c) No, but I enjoy watching pole dancing at clubs. d) No, but am interested in trying something new. 4) How many “exotic” heels do you own? (Sorry guys…this may not apply to you) a) One pair b) Two pairs c) Three or more pairs d) None 5) How many pole classes a week do you teach/attend? a) None b) 1-2 c) 2-3 d) 3 or more 6) How many contests have you competed in? a) Two or more b) None, I don’t want to compete. c) None, but I’m interested in trying. d) At least one 7) Do you make money (at all) from pole dancing? a) Yes, I’ve been paid to perform at an event(s) occasionally and taught a private lesson/class once or twice. b) I make most/all my money from pole dancing from performing and teaching. c) No, not at all. d) No, but I’ve talked about it and would like to. 8 ) How many people are you friends with that are active in pole dancing. (Actual friends, not Facebook friends :)) a) 10 b) 20 or more c) So many, I can’t count them all d) 3 9) How many performance outfits/costumes do you have? a) None, I practice in my sports bras or bathing suit bikinis. b) 2 or more c) 5 or more d) 10 or more 10) Do you have attire (i.e. t-shirts, tanks, shorts) that advertises pole dancing? a) I have enough shirts from various studios and websites to last me a few weeks with out wearing the same shirt twice. b) No, I don’t wear any thing related to pole dancing. c) Yes, I have at least one shirt from the studio I attend/website I love. d) Yes, I have a few shirts etc., from the studio I attend/website I love. Add up your score using the key below! 1) a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4 2) a-4 b-1 c-2 d-3 3) a-3 b-4 c-1 d-2 4) a-2 b-3 c-4 d-1 5) a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4 6) a-4 b-1 c-2 d-3 7) a-3 b-4 c-1 d-2 8 ) a-2 b-3 c-4 d-1 9) a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4 10) a-4 b-1 c-2 d-3 0-10 You’re A Secret Pole Dancer Some people like to have small hobbies that are for their own personal enjoyment only. These pole dancers like pole dancing for how it makes them feel, and their favorite part about it is that it’s their little secret. There could be several reasons why these types of dancers like to keep this to themselves, but, whatever the reason may be, we won’t tell a soul. 😉 11-20 You’re A Hobby Pole Dancer So, you discovered pole dancing and you’re hooked, right? It’s hard not to fall in love with a hobby and spend a little extra time doing something for you. Some of you may be mothers, a busy career woman, or one of those multi-taskers. Or, perhaps you are so new to the pole, you haven’t quite let it take over your life just yet like the rest of us. Maybe one day…… 21-30 You’re a Striving Pro A lot of Pro-Polers were something else before they discovered the pole, and once you get sucked in by it’s awesomeness, you prepare to change your life. Making the transition is a fun one, but not always easy. This is because we have prior commitments, but, dang it, just want to toss it all to the wind and pole, pole, pole!! UPA encourages you to take the plunge!! 31-40 You’re a Pro-Poler You did it! You found your true calling and have become a professional pole dancer, traveling, teaching, and losing sleep imagining yourself on the pole. You are what inspires the rest of the poler’s to keep working and learning. Congratulations on doing what you love best and making a living at it! If you’re reading this, you’re eligible for United Pole Artists Pro-Poler of the Month. Write to us and let us know if you’re interested at United Pole Artists love all types of pole dancers and your style. Individuality makes the world go ’round! Thank you for participating in this quiz. Hope you had as much fun taking it as we had putting it together. Love Pole, Love Dance, Love Life!

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