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Ravan enjoys sharing his dance knowledge and training with students and clients, teaching and improving flexibility and technique. He is currently an instructor at ONYX Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio. Due to his decades of training and experience in dance, he has a particular emphasis in technique. He believes pole is still a visual sport, so while the moves and poses are difficult to execute, the workout and aesthetic is also in the control, transitions and technique. He would like to share that knowledge with others in the world of pole fitness, whether they compete or train for themselves in studio. His latest accomplishments in the world of pole fitness were becoming the 2012 Men’s Division Champion at the International Pole Dance Masters Cup, being published 3 times in Pole Spin magazine including the cover of the July 2012 issue, and making it as a finalist in the 2011 American Pole Fitness Championships. He teaches pole fitness, as well as flexibility and ballet classes geared towards aerialists. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Ravan has enhanced his pole training by understanding the body and its mechanics which has refined his approach to pole fitness. He continues to share his dance knowledge and training with others, teaching and improving flexibility, musicality, strength and confidence. He loves educating and helping people with their growth as artists, both on and off the pole.

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