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Photobucket In my pole life, I have a lot of really exciting stuff coming up in July (how is it already July? Where have May and June gone???): This weekend, is the pole showcase that I am organizing (sponsored by Bad Kitty, X-Pole, and Mighty Grip– THANK YOU!). Next weekend, I am going to be in San Antonio and Galveston, TX at Soft Sensuous Moves and Zensual Dance teaching workshops (click here for my current workshop schedule info on signing up), and the weekend after that I’m in Naperville, IL at Tease to teach (all workshops and privates are sold out!). Then it’s August and another set of new adventures are slated for that month. And in between that, I’m busier at my 9-5 than I have ever been, working on my performance piece for Airshow at Poletential in Cali in a month (workshop info here), and teaching my last 6 weeks of classes at the studio : ( For some reason, at the beginning of the summer, I thought that I would have more time to myself to work on the blog. But boy was I wrong. As it turns out, even though I haven’t been in grad classes the past few months, I’ve been traveling so much, there have been literally two weekends since classes ended for the semester that I’ve actually been at home. So I haven’t had as much time to write as I had thought. These months have flown by so far. I made a bit of a promise to myself to really enjoy this summer and spend as much of it in memorable ways as I possibly could. So, while I have been spending a lot more time happily focused on getting in beach time, or what bar with outdoor seating we should stop at after dinner, I haven’t been indoors blogging very much. I care a lot about all of you who have supported me, and my blog. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate having any readers at all!…. That is incredibly validating and it has opened so many doors and relationships for me. I am so grateful. But I don’t think I ever realized that the blog would get so far, or go on for so long, and so I have had to do a lot of thinking about where blogging slots in to my life and how much time I am going to continue to give to it. Writing is something that matters to me. I enjoy doing it, and it is a way that I express myself. But I can’t tell you how many nights I have spent in front of a computer editing or writing an entry because I didn’t want to disappoint readers by not having a blog up the next day. That’s not a guilt trip– It’s just that I’ve started to realize that this blog isn’t, and shouldn’t ever feel, like an obligation or a chore. I do it because I love it! I have had to remind myself that this blog is not about the sheer amount of material I produce, but about the quality of what I do write. So, I am taking a step back from the blog to ensure that the entries are great, and not just good: writing less, but better. So I will be taking more time on everything: more carefully picked, seriously AWESOME Tunes. More carefully edited and explained Tips. And maybe most importantly, a slight shift in my “regular” blog entries. By giving myself more time to work on each entry, with less pressure, hopefully I will be able to put out much more high quality good stuff. So, I will be posting slightly less, but I still see a long, healthy life for this blog that will continue into the future! Because the posts won’t be up every single day, the best way to get notified when there is new material is to subscribe to email updates.

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