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As the pole industry grows, we see more and more brands getting started and studios opening… and closing.  There are pioneers and professionals that have experience navigating these new waters.  We want to see the success of this industry and have created a way for you to have contact with experienced professionals.  Request a consultation with the UPA team and we will match you with the right person.  Their guidance could save you thousands of dollars and provide you the support you need in this unique landscape. 

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We have been posting blogs and articles since 2009 with several guest writers.  These are articles written by the community about the community.

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We are affiliates of the most trusted pole dance brands in our industry.  Shop brands like Mighty Grip, X-Pole and 123Poling Tutorials.

Thinking about starting a brand?

If you have started thinking about creating a pole brand, UPA has a team of coaches and consultants that can help you.  All of our UPA Coaches have either started successful brands or events in the pole dance industry and can be your guide.  By clicking through, you will be entering our UPA Brands site.  We all have to start somewhere and we are here for you on this pole journey of yours. 

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