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I’m sitting here, listening to some of the sexiest music on the planet. Portishead gets me every time. They are definitely one of my favorites. If you’re any person alive, with a beating heart, it would be quite impossible to not feel the sexiness oozing, dripping like syrup out of your speakers into your earholes, so sticky. Lately, I’ve been feeling like sexy is the only thing I talk about, the only thing I know. There is this realization hitting me, right now. I’m sexy, because I live sexy.

The music I listen to, the way I choose to dress (or not to dress depending on where I’m going…i.e. family wedding) the way I dance, the way I feel. Sexy is not just something someone does, it’s what someone is. We are all sexy in our own way and that is so SEXY! Variety, levels, styles, exploration, the difference in movement, whether it’s fast or slow. This is why Bringing Sexy Back is so dang important! This is a chance for us to all see what is out there. To see what we like, what we don’t like, how we want to try something new that we see. Inspiration!
There is someone out there seeing all of this, and maybe, well most likely, they will get inspired to do something they never thought they would… Pole dance, get in touch with their sexy, touch themelves all over with their own hands, look at themselves in the mirror for longer than two seconds. With every video, with every picture, with every comment, like and share, you are a part of something bigger than you, than United Pole Artists, than pole dancing. You are a part of a movement. You are an inspiration. You are making a difference, just by expressing yourself and letting the world know that being sexy is just so damn sexy!
Join me and UPA once again in what we feel is the best time of the year. Show us how your sexy is different, how it is your own, and let others know how much you like theirs too. Let’s get our sexy on and take over the internet one video, picture and hashtag at a time!
I want you to find your sexy, immerse yourself. Don’t just dance sexy, be sexy, feel it from deep within. Take some time to just sit and listen to your jams, imagine yourself dancing to it with your eyes closed. Roll around on the floor and use your hands, look at your image in the mirror and tell yourself what is sexy about you. This music is taking me over. I’m in the zone. I’m ready for all of this… are you? See you on the sexy side…

Special thanks always and forever to Alethea Austin for being the catalyst to UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back!

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