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        Written by Crimson Winter   Block out everything else going on, quiet your mind and don’t think of what I am about to say. Ready? Don’t think of a purple elephant! Did you just think of a purple elephant? You might wonder why a pole blog would open with something so seemingly unrelated. The purple elephant in the room is the negative description that is often used to announce pictures and/or videos. Just like walking onto a stage sets the expectation and tone of your performance, written descriptions on a post set the expectation and tone of your content. Consider the description you use as your virtual walk onto the stage. You are introducing yourself, setting the tone and drawing your audience in. Do this strategically! Even if subtle or unintentional, criticizing your own work in the description creates a negative focus for your audience. We have all seen descriptions like “I’m fluffy”, “The lighting is too dark”, “My pirouettes are sloppy”, “My toes aren’t pointed”, “This is nothing special”. Anything like those examples tell your audience before they even press play that something is not good enough. A low expectation is set and that is a disservice to everyone, especially to your artistic creations! If you downplay or criticize your content in the description, I invite you to consider a different approach. Change can be difficult! If you are uncomfortable showcasing positive attributes at first stick with the facts like “we learned this in class last week”, “a new move I’m working on”, “this is my performance from last month”. Stating just the facts keeps your description relevant to the content and the emotional tone is neutral. Your audience is then allowed to form their own observations. When you feel comfortable drawing attention to something specific you can then showcase the positive. Build yourself up! Some examples could be “I’m excited by my flawless entry into superman”, “These are my favorite heels right now”, “Look at my long and pretty extensions”. Your audience will be looking for those positive things since you notified them in advance to be prepared for it. This is simple but powerful! A little positive reinforcement can go a long way. Give it a try!   About Crimson Winter

Crimson Winter

Crimson Winter

Crimson Winter is a floorwork instructor and sensual pole dancer. She respects all expressions of pole dance finding herself most inspired by the exotic genre. She can be found on Instagram @crimsonwinterpole

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