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It all started with a passing comment from the verrrrrry sexy Alethea Austin — that pole dancing may be losing its mystique, its inherent sexuality. AnneMarie Davies took it and spawned a huge movement in the pole dancing community: Bring Sexy Back Week.

For seven glorious days, rather than “Iron X progress: Week 84,” YouTube was flooded with videos of slinky, floor humping, pole grinding sirens. And though I am certainly guilty of trick-mania (and I devour those Iron X progress videos while cheering my fellow pole dancers on, make no mistake about that!), there was no better week for me as far as video watching than Bring Sexy Back Week. Many of those videos went straight to my favorites file to be watched time and again.
I’ll limit this little video lust-fest to the originators of Bring Sexy Back just to keep things simple.
My favorite Alethea video isn’t one where she’s busting out the batwing. It’s this one:
She does a few tricks, sure, but this video mesmerizes me wayyyyyy before she does anything even resembling aerial work. Look at her flashing a coy smile to her audience once or twice. And look at her absolute refusal to rush anything. The slow, controlled hair flicks and sweeps. It’s just ….. whoa.
And then there’s UPA’s founder. If anyone moves in a sexier way than AnneMarie I don’t know who it could be: simply put, she is sex walking. Her Joy of Sexy workshops were immensely popular, leaving little doubt as to whether pole dancers want to have that sexy mystique in their dance (i.e., if it’s been lost they want to find it!). AM’s movement is something honed over many years of dancing, but that’s not to say we can’t all aspire to what she’s able to do. 🙂

I love everything about this video — but the thing I love the most is how much fun she’s having. And fun is sexy! The Joy of Sexy seems aptly named, yes? 

So … what is sexy pole dance to you? What are your favorite sexy videos–the ones you go to for inspiration? 

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