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These are brands that we love and trust!  Almost all of these brands have been in the game for a while now.  Some, since the very beginning.  We hope you love them all as much as we do! 

123Poling Tutorials

Pole dance tutorials from some of the most talented pole dancers around world.  Learn tricks, flow, exotic, flexibility training, floor work, all the things!

X-Pole (home and studio poles)

X-Pole is the most trusted brand for pole and aerial equipment.  They have been around since the beginning.  They have poles for home and for studios, all different heights and diameter.

Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip is the first in our industry to provide us with knee pads and gloves.  They also have ankle protectors and hand and body grip to keep you dry and/or sticky.

Platinum Stages (pole dance poles)

Platinum Stages makes poles for studios, home and clubs!  They have beautiful sleek design and you can even get super tall custom poles with this brand.  

PoleActive (pole wear)

PoleActive has all the pole wear brands in one place… Luna Pole Wear, Paradise Chick, Creatures of XIX, Rad Pole Wear, Twisted Movement and so many more.  It’s the only place you need to go for your pole wear needs.  

SongSeen App

Songseen is an app made by a pole dancer with pole dancers in mind.  From the brain of UPA’s Founder, AMD. This app allows you to play music and film from your phone at the same time!  Works best with an auxillary cord, can be used on iPhone and Android.  

Alala (athlesiure)

Alala is all athlesiure wear, super comfy and super stylish.  One of the reasons we like Alala is they are body positive and have sizes for all body types.  

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