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Hopping on a spinny pole is kind of like an awesome carnival ride. It’s SUPER FUN.

Spin Pole-WHEW!

Hopping on a spinny pole can also be EXHAUSTING if your body isn’t conditioned for it.

Strike a Pose

One of the cool things about spinny pole is that you can get into a pretty shape and let the pole show it off for you. No more worrying whether you have just the right angle for the audience. Instead, you spin ’round and ’round like a cake in a pastry shop window. All you need to do is get there and hold it.

Oooof. That’s not so easy.

No it’s not. Which brings me to the point of this post. Below are three spin pole conditioning exercises you can do that will help you build strength and endurance, while also acclimating you to spin mode if you’re not used to it.

1) See how long you can hold a pose. Feel free to change up legs, but try to keep your torso right where you began.

A video posted by GMT (@polergirl) on

A video posted by GMT (@polergirl) on

2) Flares/Fan Kicks. Do as many as you can. DO EACH SIDE. DOOOOOO IT.

A video posted by GMT (@polergirl) on

3) Pullups. Flyaway pencil to regular pencil. Do as many as you can. Make sure your lats are engaged! 🙂

A video posted by GMT (@polergirl) on

There you go. Three exercises that are fun to do and that will turn you into a spin pole badass in no time.
Happy poling!

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