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It’s about to get SPINNY in here!

Since my last post was focused on spin pole basics, I figured I might as well follow up with some more spin pole goodness. Here are some of my best tips!

A spin mode golden rule: when working on spin mode, you MUST think ahead!

1) The direction you’re spinning can dictate what moves you can easily flow together, and how you will get into them. Example: if you’re spinning clockwise and want to go from a regular pole sit to a hood ornament, you have to think about which leg you prefer as your hook leg.

If it’s your left leg, you’ll need to twist your body around backward so the left leg becomes the inside leg, which means you’ll want to put your right hand high before you release your legs from the pole, so that when you twist yourself around your low arm (your bicep hold arm) is the left–the same side as the leg. Otherwise you’ll need to fiddle your arms into position.

See how thinking ahead can save you a LOT of fiddling and wasted energy?

2) Aerial inversions are different on spin mode. When doing an aerial inversion on spin mode, it’s generally easier to hook your inside leg (e.g. from a flare/fan kick) if you’re going forward into your invert, and generally easier to hook your outside leg (eg from a hood ornament or side hold) when you’re spinning backward into your invert.

Either leg can be done when going in either direction … but you can certainly make it easier on yourself by working with the momentum of the pole, and why wouldn’t you want to do that, at least at first?

3) Step forward to plant your foot on the ground when landing forward spins, step backward to land from reverse spins. Basically, you want to lead your body with your landing foot–you need to compensate for the motion of the pole. If on landing you put your foot directly underneath yourself, the pole will keep spinning. But you won’t, because you’ve planted a foot. That’s a problem.

4) Practice changing the direction of your body while spinning. The more comfortable you can get with this, the better off you’ll be when it comes to transitioning while you’re way up in the air. Certain moves feel just the same on spin mode. That’s a relief for many dancers because so many things feel waaaaay different! Cupid, knee hold, hip hold, leg hangs… whether you’re hanging around on static or spinning away, these moves don’t really change.

Here’s a promo I did for an Intro to Spin workshop a few years back. You’ll see some of these tips in practice!

So, Poler Bears – what are your best spin mode tips and tricks?

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