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Spin pole basics — what you *need* to know

This is a follow on to last weeks post about conditioning exercises for spin pole.

Golden Rules of Spin Pole

–Body and appendages close to pole=fast, away from pole=less fast. This is THE #1 spin pole rule. It can save you from barfalicious moments. It can also save you from the dreaded stall.
–Know how *your* individual pole spins. My home studio has had poles that would spin at warp speed from just the slightest step off, and it has had poles that required a little more coaxing. Neither is better than the other…you just have to know what you’re dealing with.
–Understand the physics and momentum of any given transition as well as the spin-friendliness of any given pose. This can take some real sleuthing but don’t slack on them, or you could find yourself 1/3 of the way through a pass and …. whomp whomp …. stalled out.
A few poses that are naturally going to maintain or increase speed:
–cross ankle climb. When you push up your body naturally comes close in toward the pole, which may speed you up. At the least it won’t slow you down.
–inverted crucifix. Everything here is close to pole. You know what that means!
–tucked hip hold. As opposed to its counterparts (piked, straddle, and Jade), the tucked version of the hip hold is a momentum keeper because of how your body mass is held, plus its relationship to the pole.
Annnnnd, a few poses that are naturally going to slow you down:
–traditional leg hangs. You have a leg fully extended away from the pole. That’s bound to hold up a little of your momentum.

Slooooow down with layouts!

Slooooow down with layouts!

–seated layouts. No big surprise here, I’m sure. It is such an extended pose, legs outstretched, torso long and away from pole…..this is most folks’ default slower-downer.
–butterfly/extended butterfly. Your torso and a leg are held away from the pole. It’ll slow you down in a hot minute.
Next week I’ll share a few of my go-to spin pole passes. They are tried and true….so if you’ve had any difficulty making up appropriate passes make sure to check back next Wednesday for a little treasure trove of goodies. 🙂
Happy poling!

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