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It’s a new year, Poler Bears! And a new year frequently means pole resolutions. Sometimes, though, resolutions can stump the best of us when it comes to execution. Here are a couple of tips for getting through those times where you’re just not quite sure what to do!

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  1. Make a “Pole Chore” jar. A FaceBook friend (thanks Leah!!!) recently posted a picture of her pole jar, where she keeps slips of paper with various moves written down. When she lacks inspiration she goes to the jar. For any of us, the slips of paper could include conditioning moves (on and off the pole!), “got it” moves, “want it” moves, and “need to perfect it” moves.
  2. Take a specific move on your goal list that stumps you and break down every single nuance of it. And just how do you do that, you ask? Examine it clinically. Break it down like a surgeon planning an operation. Watch videos and look at hand placement, weight/balance, foot placement and how they are weighted, shoulders, hips….look closely at the dancer’s muscles and see if you can tell what he or she is engaging.
  3. Go to a different kind of dance or movement class. Even if you just attend one class, training in a different style of dance will get you thinking and moving in a different way. Or consider taking a martial arts series. Anything that gets you experimenting with your movement.
  4. If you always wear shoes, dance barefoot. If you always dance barefoot, try shoes! You will move your body differently — weight changes and balance changes will feel different, and you’ll find that certain moves are easier or more difficult.
  5. Just dance it out for a session. If you are stumped, feel like you’re making no progress on your pole resolutions, and find that you’re getting frustrated with yourself, stop training and just move. Give yourself permission to have a little fun!  🙂
What do you do when you’re stumped?

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