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Each month more and more pole challenges seem to pop up in our sparkly corner of the internet. The majority of these challenges focus on the tricks side of pole, often it’s the flavor of the month or advanced moves that unfortunately leave beginners out of the fun. It is great to see pole dancers become inspired by these challenges to push themselves to greater heights in their practice, but in the pursuit of the latest and greatest move we start to lose important elements of dance and performance.

I wanted to create challenges that made self-expression, creative exploration, and sexy fun the focus! I put together these 3 games as a way to take advantage of the supportive pole community and bring pole friends closer together all while improving your pole practice in a way most challenges can’t. You will note none of these challenge games require certain moves or tricks and are accessible to all levels of dancer so everyone can join in.

So grab your poler posse and hit up your favorite studio or home poler for some creative, funny, and at times a little dirty pole challenge fun! Be sure to take pics of the winners and general pole party craziness and share them on social media.

1 pole
Paper & pens
 4 – 6+ dancers

How to play:

1. Write down as many characters, celebrities, emotions, animals, things as you can on paper slips and put them folded into a bowl.
PRO TIP: Make sure what you write can actually be danced out. It’s best if the word has strong defining characteristics that can be performed.
2. Break up into teams of 2 or more.
3. Come up with AWESOME team names! (we’ll call them Team A & B)
4. One person from Team A picks a slip and keeping the word to themselves has to dance out their word while Team A guesses. If they guess the word correctly within a minute they get a point!
5. Now it is Team B turn
6. Go back and forth between teams till you run out of paper slips
7. The team with the most points is the WINNER!

Next Level Benefits

  • Explore new characters and emotions in your dance
  • Learn to communicate story and character quickly and efficiently
  • Work on your freestyle movement 
  •  Ease into public performances

2 poles
6+ dancers
1 scorekeeper
An extremely eclectic playlist

How to Play:
1. 2 dancers at a time dance battle it out on the poles to scorekeeper & audience selected songs that they have no prior knowledge of.
2. Whoever best interprets the song in 1 min moves on to the next round. The winner will be selected by applause and the final ruling made by the scorekeeper.
3. The dancer who gets the most cheers in the final battle after winning every round is the champion!

Next Level Benefits

  • Dance outside your comfort zone
  • Explore audience connection 
  • Learn what moves in your repertoire have the greatest impact on viewers
  • Learn different ways to interpret the same song

At least 1 Pole, a pole per dancer preferred
3+ Dancers
Lots of layers & accessories!

How to Play:
1. The first dancer performs one dance move, the second dancer then performs the same first move then adds another on, the third performs the first two moves and adds their own on, and so on and so on (the idea is that as each dancer has to perform the entire sequence of moves before them and then add their own)
2. Every time a dancer forgets a move or messes up they have to strip off an item of clothing. Make it sexy!
PRO TIP: start off wearing more layer of clothing than you normally would for pole. 
3. After the last dancer goes the cycle continues with the first dancer. The cycle repeats till someone is left in their skivves (or whatever level of nudity the group is comfortable with).

Next Level Benefits 

  • Create new and unique combos 
  • Learn from other people’s styles
  • Work on your muscle memory and retention of choreography
  • Infuse sexiness into your dance with the striptease element 

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