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A few days ago, I started to see some rumblings on my social media. A new video from a pole dance legend was out on YouTube, and people. were. excited. Felix Cane had done a guest appearance at the Miss Pole Dance South Australia. A while back I did a series of interviews with competitors for Pole Championship Series, and almost every single woman I interviewed named Felix as 1) one of her all time pole idols or 2) the reason she started pole dancing. It seems that Felix is the common denominator, no matter what particular niche of pole floats one’s boat. It was this performance that set many of our pole hearts ablaze, her 2008 MPDA win: She’s won numerous titles, including three (yes, three!) Miss Pole Dance Australia titles and two World Pole Championships. She’s performed with Cirque du Soleil. I remember watching the MPDA 2008 video of Felix and being simply awestruck. Her lines, grace, and of course that insane flexibility! But most of all it was her presence and artistry. She was mesmerizing, then and now, with her radiant smile and effortless movement. She made everything look so easy. miss pole dance 2010The excitement that spread over Felix’s latest performance made me realize that her wealth of charm and charisma is one of the things that makes a legend … well, legendary. For so many dancers of my generation, her early competition videos were the only pole videos out in the public domain. And it also made me wonder two things: is there anyone out there in the pole world who hasn’t heard of Felix? And on a personal note … how many other “Felix Cane” dancers have crossed the stage out in the world that I haven’t heard of? So now I’m on a mission to find them. All of them. The pole legends of the world, the ones who were around in the beginnings of pole getting a market share on YouTube. Share your favorite pole legend videos in the comments!

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