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More on alignment, the last of this series. This post is devoted to WRIST SEATS, also known as Hello Boys, V-Sits, and probably a dozen other names I haven’t heard.

For a video version of the screenshot above, you can find it on YouTube here.  🙂

The biggest concern here is, naturally, your wrist alignment. When you do a wrist seat of any sort, what exactly are your low arm and wrist doing? Does it feel like you’re supporting all of your weight on your bottom hand? Does the wrist seat make your bottom wrist hate you? Is your torso basically square to the pole, or does your body tilt way to one side? Do you reach around to your side and grab the pole underneath your hip instead of running underneath your bum? These are all considerations, all questions to ask yourself. The answers can help you determine whether your wrist is neutral and aligned (and therefore capable of providing much stronger grip and support), or cranked off, which puts a lot of pressure on it while it’s in a position of ulnar deviation (see figure below). Neutral alignment comes from having your top arm gripping low enough on the pole to allow you to lean back, pull yourself toward the pole with the top hand, tuck your pelvis (important!), and minimize the distance between your free shoulder and the pole. The neutral position described above allows you to take your free arm, make a big backstroke motion with it, open your chest out, and reach underneath yourself from behind rather than from the side. If you do this you’ll be able to line your forearm up with your tailbone, which in turn means your wrist will be aligned and neutral under your bum, rather than trying to support your weight and grip the pole, all the while at an uncomfortable angle. So open your chest and get that free shoulder back and down!

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