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It’s pole competition time, and that means our favorite competitive polers are busting out with some NUTTINESS when it comes to new and innovative pole tricks, combinations, and transitions. Like the rest of the pole world, I watch with awe and want to give X-Y-Z a try, just to see. But there’s something I’ve learned in the years I’ve been on the pole: not every move is doable or comfortable for me.

Part of that has to do with a chronic elbow injury. Split grip work is out of the question for me because my elbow simply won’t hold up to either the pulling or pushing force that would be required of it. It’s OK. I have a wicked strong/solid elbow grip so I use that whenever possible. Easy peasy!

Sometimes, it’s an issue of flexibility. Try as I might, I’m just not bendy enough to get myself into certain positions. Hmmmm, looks like I may need to step up that stretching regimen.

Rather than getting–and likely remaining–frustrated that I can’t do certain moves, I make peace with myself and my body, and move on. Otherwise, it’d be tremendously difficult to enjoy my pole time, and that would be tragic because pole dancing has been a HUGELY POSITIVE aspect of my life since the moment I first touched a pole.

And I remember that I love to dance, that the pole dancers I crush on the most are the ones who aren’t necessarily great tricksters (though admittedly many of them are in fact bad-a$$ when it comes to tricks) but they are great movers, that floorwork is one of the great joys of my life, and my elbow doesn’t get in the way of that much at all! (Bendiness, on the other hand…..). And I remember how pole dancing makes me feel. I remember that it makes me feel, period.

Now. All that said … what moves have you shelved, whether for physical or psychological reasons? Maybe our fellow Pole’r Bears will have tips for alternatives or modifications! 

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